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Late last year Google published the results of a study on what makes a team effective. Part experience report and part discussion this presentation will highlight those results and start a conversation about how to use that information to change the way we look at our teams. At the end of this you’ll be able to see signs, both good and bad, and know how to consistently make your teams better.

Presenter: Jason Blackhurst.
Software Developer of 15 years. Husband. Father of two. I’ve worked with teams both highly functional and highly dysfunctional. I’ve watched some transition for the better and some the opposite. I’ve learned a lot and have a lot to learn.

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COHAA supports and promotes the adoption of Agile practices in software development and delivery. COHAA acts as a resource for individuals and organizations that use, or are interested in using Agile frameworks and practices such as XP, Scrum, TDD, FDD, Lean, & Kanban.