Auto-generating REST (and GraphQL!) APIs with DreamFactory

DreamFactory ( is an open source REST API generation platform built atop the Laravel Framework. In this talk Jason will show you how to generate, secure, and deploy a variety of APIs (MySQL, and Amazon S3, to name a few), and integrate third-party APIs such as IBM Watson and Twitter using the platform.

All attendees will receive a free downloadable copy of Jason’s bestselling book, “Easy Laravel 5” (

About Jason Gilmore
W. Jason Gilmore is the CTO of DreamFactory, Inc., an open source API generation platform with thousands of users and customers around the globe ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups and governmental entities. He’s the author of nine books on web development, including the best-selling Beginning PHP and MySQL and Easy Laravel 5. Prior to joining DreamFactory, Jason served as a consultant and lead developer on a wide variety of projects, including most recently an API for a popular telephony service, a large intranet application for a major South American agricultural concern, and an analytics application for a large publisher. He’s the (now retired) co-founder of CodeMash Conference. Jason resides in Dublin, Ohio with his wife and three energetic children.