Do you use Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket or any Atlassian Products?  Come meet up with fellow Atlassian users over a pint and some awesome free-to-play arcade games.  The Old North Arcade has happy hour specials starting at 4pm, so if you would like to arrive earlier or stay later that’s totally fine.  Just note your leader (that’s me! Kimberly!) will not arrive until 5.  There is no set agenda for this meetup, so do not feel you need to arrive by a certain time.  

Please note this is a buy-your-own event.  The venue does not sell food, but you are welcome to bring any outside food items in.  I can make a great recommendation in Hounddogs Pizza (two blocks North).  The Old North Arcade does *not*, however, allow outside beverages to be brought in.  

 You can check out the venue and drinks menu at:

Please also sign up on our Atlassian City page to hear the latest AUG news:

See you there!

*please note, recruiters and partners are welcome at our events, and we invite you to speak about your companies, however, these events are not to be used for the express purpose of building marketing lists and contacts.  Follow-up contact should be initiated by the users. Persons found to be sending unsolicited messages, along with the companies they represent, will be asked to no longer attend.