How to Keep your Friends Close and your Enemies Even Closer: 

Shared Ontologies and Best Practices – Jeff Young from OCLC

Creating ontologies is hard. Using a graph-based approach to data facilitates vocabulary and data reuse. Doing this well should make it easier to address new business opportunities by simply expanding the graph.

Speaker Bio: 

Jeff Young is a Software Architect at OCLC Research. Jeff has served on technical committees for various NISO standards and was coauthor of the W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group Final Report in 2011.

Hadoop and Data Exploration for the other 95% – Brandon Culver from Cardinal Health

Tech and data are cool. Unfortunately it is hard for most humans to do let alone understand why to invest into the ‘magical black box of analytics’.

Let’s take a break from the cool tech stuff and review a few of my  experiences with ‘Self Service Hadoop’ and how you can enable your users and understand the value of tech and data through self service.

Speaker Bio:

Brandon Culver is a Senior Advisor of Data Analytics at Cardinal Health. With experience as an IT professional as well as many years in Sales and Marketing, He constantly looks for opportunities to wear his LeanSixSigma Black belt and connect speed and quality in each person’s gemba.

Hawq – A true SQL engine for Hadoop -Shailesh Doshi from Pivotal

Over 50% of the enterprises are struggling to get more value out of existing data lakes.To unlock the true value of the entire data stored within Hadoop, enterprises need a simpler way of connecting to the data to query, analyze and perform deep data analytics.  While the MapReduce and other powerful paradigms exist, nothing can compare the ease of SQL.

SQL support on Hadoop began with Apache Hive, a SQL-like query engine that compiles a limited SQL using MapReduce or Tez. However the latencies and limited SQL support makes it useful primarily for batch-mode operation.  HDB aka Hawq provides you ability to address enterprise-class SQL based analysis capability.

Speaker Bio:

Shailesh is a Data Specialist at Pivotal Software.  He specializes in MPP and Big data technologies, helping fortune 500 companies plan and implement analytics and data science initiatives focused on Smart App build, Profitability, IOT, machine learning and in-memory/cloud native systems.