Columbus Amazon Web Services January Meetup:

In this session we will implement an AI-powered emotion recognition system, and take it all the way from inception, through training a deep learning model and up to deploying a scalable service in production that identifies human emotions in images.

During the session we will review the problem of emotion recognition, we will build and train a neural network to model a solution using Apache MXNet, and finally we will deploy our model to production using Model Server for Apache MXNet and Amazon ECS. Attendees will go through a hands-on overview of an end-to-end development lifecycle for deep learning, which they can later apply to other interesting and challenging problems that can be solved with artificial intelligence.

* About Saravana Kumar (SK) *
Saravana Kumar is a second year grad student at The Ohio State University working on building deep learning algorithms for representing massive graphs. He is deeply passionate about deep learning and computer vision and worked with the team responsible for MXNet at Amazon, building scalable deep learning models for production use cases. In the past, he has worked on developing machine learning algorithms that can identify privacy leaking browser extensions and Twitter users who use black market services to boost their follower count.

* Directions *
Blubrry Podcasting – One Crosswoods
First floor conference room
100 East Campus View Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43235

Conference room is next to vending machine room near rear entrance of building. See attached meetup photos for detailed maps.