We hear about Apple Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and we see people talking to their phones and to boxes at home. But how does it work? And more importantly, how can I use this technology to enhance my business?

The workshop will answer questions such as:

• How do these voice services work? 

• Why are voice services like Amazon Alexa so important?

• What are the ways I could leverage voice services to enhance my business? 

• How can you connect voice services to your business information? 

You should attend if you are curious about how voice applications work or want to find ways to extend your business with voice services. The workshop will discuss the thought process needed to add voice services to your business. Once the workshop is completed, you will have a good idea of what solutions your business could create using voice services.

Marshall Magee is a recent transplant to the Columbus area having spent most of his life in Atlanta. He has been involved with software development his entire career starting with two successful startups and then moving on to a Motorola internal startup to create the first keyboard messaging device. His most recent stop was with Welch Allyn in New York, managing multiple teams of software developers across multiple continents to create cutting-edge medical devices. He is currently helping local companies design and develop technology products while looking for his next full-time engagement. Check out my latest Alexa Skill at ColumbusNetworking.com and follow him on Twitter at @marshallmagee.


9:30am – Coffee and networking
10:00am – Workshop begins
11:45am – Workshop ends & networking resumes

Cost: Free (with coffee!)

Register now: https://innovatenewalbany.org/event-registration-90/