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This is the 2nd in our 5 part series in 2017!  You voted, we listened.

Agile Team Metrics: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Agile Metrics can be an extremely useful tool to promote transparency to the business while providing quantitative insight into a team’s performance and maturity.  They can facilitate conversations regarding velocity, forecasting and predictability while creating measurable goals and encouraging accountability as team’s move forward on their quest for continuous improvement…

But what happens when good metrics are used for bad?

This course explores the many benefits of using effective Agile metrics (The Good), introduces metrics which should be avoided (The Bad) and the all-too-often ways good metrics are used for evil (Ugly).  We will highlight ways to ensure total team visibility and discuss the importance of educating outside observers on the meaning behind the numbers.


Eric Prock is a Principal Consultant and member of Agile Advisory Services at Cardinal Solutions, as well as Scrum Master and Coach. Over the past 10 years he has served as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Scrum Master working to implement complex technology solutions in several industries. Eric is passionate about building strong, high-performing agile teams while keeping things fun for the team.

Brandon Deal is a Senior Consultant with a passion for growing Agile teams by empowering individuals while promoting a culture and environment conducive to constant improvement, collaboration and…most importantly…fun.  He currently serves teams and organizations as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach and is an active member of Agile Advisory Services at Cardinal Solutions.