Parking Instructions:

Parking is available in the Miranova parking garage off of Mound Street. After 5pm, key cards are not required and parking is open in all spots as long as it doesn’t say “24 Hour Reserve.” (“Reserved” is ok). Take a ticket, bring it with you and we will put stickers on your ticket to get you out for free. 

If the elevator is not lighting up for the 11th floor, please talk to the security guard at the front desk of the building. 


You’re invited to join Stacy for a workshop-style discussion on things we could Stop Doing to increase our aptitude for agility.  So many lists, steps, recipes on concocting success for your teams and organizations.  Don’t stress!  We’re going to talk about taking some things OFF YOUR PLATE.  We’ll step back and take a look at a few suggestions on what we can Stop Doing to propel agility.  And ideally, you leave the evening inspired to create your own list! 


</a>Driving passion for ownership, easing transparency and applying creative solutions during organizational transition are Stacy’s passions.  As a national leader in organizational agility, Stacy Martin is excited to share emergent ideas, experiences, tools and references that will ignite your passion to drive thoughtful transformation at all levels.  Stacy’s career started in lean manufacturing and evolved to IT solution sales and delivery, leveraging integrative thinking and business agility.  She can now be found leading ever-increasing agility as a Professional Scrum Trainer for <a href=””> and an employee at CoverMyMeds.  Reach out to Stacy at <a></a> to share ideas and discuss continued evolution!