You voted, we listened.


Estimating Agile work can be hard.  So hard that some teams just don’t do it, or estimate in hours.  We will talk about those choices, the #NoEstimates movement and other techniques, options and pitfalls in this months Agile Lunchbox.  Some attendees will get to participate in an activity meant to illustrate a lean approach to estimation.


I’ve been in the tech industry since the mid 90s and am learning things every day.  I try to bring that passion to continuous learning to everyone I meet.  I am an Agile Coach with JP Morgan Chase in Columbus Ohio where my role affords me the opportunity to me to mentor, influence and train people at all levels in the organization.  My passion is building high performing teams and helping organization “be Agile” instead of just trying to “do Agile”.

My hobbies include learning to make things with my hands, reading good books, drinking good bourbon and telling bad jokes.  

I live on a small 6 acre farm in Southwest Columbus with my wife, some goats, chickens, dogs, cats and who knows, maybe some more animals I’m not aware of.  My daughter is currently spending her time and my money at The Ohio State University.