This month, Curt Byers from Abrasive Technology will present how Abrasive Technology is using Power BI within their sales process. This solution allows the Sales Team to see sales performance by a number of different measures such as Salesrep, Product Line, Market, Territory etc.

We will also cover “What’s New with Power BI” and have some general announcements on upcoming conferences, webinars, etc. Time permitting, we may revisit Power BI and Azure ML and Power BI and the Azure Data Catalog.

About Curt Byers

Curt graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Pittsburgh. He has 38 years of experience in the engineering/technology sector and has worked at Abrasive Technology for over 17 years. Curt has a strong understanding and experience in manufacturing and implementation of technology and ERP software, many years of experience preparing and presenting application training materials, strong math and analytic skills and fifteen years experience as Oracle DBA.

About Abrasive Technology

From day one, Abrasive Technology has been a pioneer in the development of superabrasive products. In fact, our founders developed a unique, state-of-the-art diamond bonding process, making it possible to manufacture superior grinding tools. Forty years later, AT’s P.B.S.® process is still one of the most effective and innovative bonding processes in the industry.          

Today, Abrasive Technology is the leader among a select group of worldwide sources that provides all major bonding technologies–resin, metal, polyimide, electroplated and P.B.S.® braze. Our engineering teams continue to raise the bar with many of the industry’s most significant technological advances. And with innovative processes and products like Gear Saver™, CBX™ and the Everlast™ PCD Drill, our list of patents continues to grow.