Message from CORGs:
Greetings gamers! We have a HUGE announcement. We will be having a pre-party on Friday June 1st from 6pm to 10pm at the Makoy Center. We have decided that one day is not enough to contain all the cool stuff we have planned, so we had to add an extra day.

At the pre-party, we will be having some industry experts speak, virtual reality gaming (FREE!) brought to us by the COGG (Columbus Ohio Game-Developers Group), live music, and the Ballroom Blitz! On top of that, the bar will be open for business.+

The Ballroom Blitz is something new we are debuting, which will be a 30 minute rush where you will be able to purchase items form the vendors who choose to set up early. This equates to almost half of the vendors. The best part of this is that the $10.00 admission price gets you into the show Friday and Saturday!!!!!!! For those of you who attend the pre-party, there will be an express line on Saturday morning for the main show. Just keep your bracelet on from the pre-party. No waiting in line for you! Here is the schedule for the pre-party on Friday, June 1st:

– 6pm: Doors open, Open gaming
– 7pm: Industry experts speak
– 7:30pm: Ballroom Blitz
– 8pm: Live music, Open gaming
– 10pm: Party ends, Go home and rest up for the main show!