In the world today, nearly every screen is interactive. Users’ expectations have grown alongside technology, and static design will only get you so far. By folding prototyping into the design process, you will accelerate iteration, getting your ideas in front of real users, and discover new solutions to problems both small and large.

We will discuss: 

• Making prototyping matter
• Dealing with various fidelities
• Selecting the right tools
• Introducing prototyping into your organization


Travis is a designer with an engineer’s mindset, a retired film projectionist and the father of a menacing toddler. He believes in fostering even the smallest of ideas. Travis wants to make a difference in peoples’ lives, to push both the client and himself, and to make products he can be proud of. Currently Travis is creating the future of video-watching at Netflix.


• 6:00-6:30 – Social/Networking 
• 6:30-7:15 – Presentation  
• 7:15-7:30 – Q&A/Discussion 
• 7:30-8:00 – Social/Networking


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We recommend Garage 1 on the map.