Please join us for the May Data Viz Meetup!

Our speaker this month is Michael Warling. He is a Data Strategist at Nationwide Insurance where he has worked since 2002. Along with his many responsibilities, Michael leads monthly Tableau workshops and has presented at the Tableau Conference.

Tonight Michael will be presenting the ’10 Steps from Data to Decision’. This is a walk-through of the entire process from data inception to decision making at a very high level. The idea is that a good visualization is only as good as your understanding of the whole decision. So much of our time is spent on a good viz that we tend to miss the point of how it will be used or created.


6:30-7:00pm == light dinner/networking

7:00-7:10pm == updates/introductions

7:10-8:00pm == presentation/Q&A

Parking in the lot is free!

Please arrive no later than 6:55 as the doors to the building are locked, and we will not be watching the door after this time.

Please only RSVP if you plan on attending as only the first 50 respondents will be able to attend!