What’s all the hype about Company Culture these days?

We have paid people fairly, provided good benefits and offered a nice office environment for years.  Now suddenly we keep hearing that we need to have a great culture too.

Why is there such a focus on culture and the employee experience?

For starters, we are at an all-time low for unemployment and the people that want to work, have jobs.  But beyond that, times have changed.  Employees are starting to expect more from their employers and the companies that really understand this, will get more from their workforce.

Simply put, a paycheck and benefits aren’t enough when you are competing with other companies that offer ping pong and free lunch or beer and lattes or onsite dry cleaning and car services.  Companies are offering all sorts of perks to be recognized as a great employer.  But don’t miss the bigger message because it isn’t really about ping pong or beer.

These perks are merely the outcomes of a leadership team that understands what their employees want and cares enough to make it happen.  Beer and ping pong won’t matter to everyone, but to the people it does matter to – it sends an important message that the leaders CARE about their employees.

Figure out what your employees want and show you care enough to give it.  That’s one of the keys to a great culture.

Nicole Ringle, Founder + President of Culture Advisors – www.cultureadvisors.com