If your startup is under 5 years old and has earned less than 5M, you should know about the Federal R&D Tax Credit.  It could be the easiest non-dilutive capital that you’ve never heard of. Clarus R&D can help you get it. New this year, qualified start-ups can turn up to 10% of what they spend on developing their innovative product or service into cash by offsetting their payroll tax (up to 250K per year).  Entrepreneurs, investors and funders should pay attention. Most technology related startups will qualify for work done in 2016. This credit has been around for a long time, but only for companies that generated income, so pre-revenue companies were left out.

The attached article, published in Forbes.com from the Angel investor community tells more.


This is no small news, and has the potential to add billions of dollars into the start-up ecosystem. Many will likely miss it, especially in this first year. Columbus based start-up Clarus R&D (www.clarusrd.com) has developed a technology solution to assist qualifying companies in claiming the credit. The company was born when a tax account and a tech entrepreneur got together and figured out how to make it easy for entrepreneurs strapped for time and attention. It’s their mission to get this money back into the hands of innovative companies across the US.

Watch their 2 min video to learn more, and how to connect with Clarus R&D. – http://www2.claruscredits.com/explainer_landing