We took a break from Ohio State this past Fall to pursue our startup, Hatchli as part of the Brandery accelerator’s class of 2016. Hatchli started out as a simple mobile app for getting quick feedback on ideas. However, we soon realized that the community model they were developing could have implications in the enterprise market. I began meeting with people from  P&G, GE, Kroger, and other enterprise-level companies in the area to learn more about the pain points that currently hinder corporate innovation. We used the insights from those conversations in conjunction with the innovation best-practices we’d discovered through our mobile app to build an entirely new platform tailored for SaaS; a web platform that catalyzes innovation culture at the enterprise level.

So where are we now? Currently, we are in the discovery phase of a pilot with a Fortune 500 company in Cincinnati. We need to raise a small angel bridge-round of about $75k in order to give us enough runway to close the deal with this first customer and get us to a position where we are ready to scale. This niche is ripe for disruption, and Hatchli is going to redefine the meaning of innovation culture for enterprise-companies.