Like many of you, Columbus is our home.

We’ve been here to see the city grow and change. We’ve been here for the transformation of Franklinton, the expansion of Italian Village, the resurgence of the Short North. We’ve been here for the Clippers in Cooper and the Destroyers in Nationwide. We’ve been here for an economic and social boom, powered by diverse collaboration from Columbus’ brightest minds.

Columbus is the place to be. Whether it’s the Smart City grant, the groundbreaking work in the US 33 Smart Mobility Corridor, or the massive migration of technology and people to Columbus, everything and everyone is gravitating towards our city. It’s vibrant, diverse, and always looking to improve. It’s something we want to be a part of. It’s something we want you to be a part of.

Last month, Pillar Technology announced that we’d secured an investment from NewSpring Capital, a private equity fund based in Radnor, PA, to further boost our growth. But this investment isn’t just about us; it’s about Columbus. It’s about you. We truly feel that Columbus has the people, resources, and drive to compete with any market. This investment is ultimately a vehicle to accelerate Columbus forward.

Pillar is a family of 300+ consultants and creatives, designers and developers. We work with dozens of Fortune 500 clients to turn ideas into tangible realities, crafting digital solutions to big business problems. If you’re reading this, you can probably relate to our passion. We love Columbus because it’s full of people like you—it’s a community of learners, teachers, friends and dreamers, always looking to push themselves and each other forward.

With this investment, we want to give you the opportunity to push even further.

We’re investing in our consulting business, helping our people to grow professionally and personally, strengthening the Columbus tech community you know and love. And as all of us continue to push each other forward, investing in our people means investing in you. It means more insightful meetups. It means improved relationships. It means stronger thought leadership.

We’re also investing in our product business, developing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. We’re driving new ways to test software. We’re revamping the platforms people use to learn. We’re changing the very idea of mobility as a product and a lifestyle. And that’s just to name a few.

Finally, we’re investing in new expansions. We’re opening new facilities for Columbus’ tech community to learn and share. We’re exploring the frontier of autonomy and mobility, energy and the smart city. We’re congregating the brightest minds in Columbus and beyond to change the very way people live in the 21st century.

This investment is a milestone for us and a boost for Columbus. But above all, it’s an opportunity for you to join us as we push forward, break down new walls and explore new horizons.

We’d love to have you. Visit if you’re interested in joining us in our quest for a bigger, brighter future for Columbus and beyond.