GitHub is a powerful version control system for your personal projects. Moreover, GitHub skills are absolutely essential for professional software development and delivery. However, the rules of the game change when many team members touch the same code. Collaboration is needed to deploy a stable environment to eliminate wasteful production bugs and other quality issues.

Do you want to quickly be immersed in this environment to put the phrase “works well in a fast-paced complex environment” on your resume?

This two-hour GitHub instructor-led workshop offered by Free Code Camp Columbus is an opportunity to get that hands-on experience needed to collaborate effectively to deliver working content in a fast-paced environment. The purpose of this workshop is to work on a small team in a safe environment to ready yourself with GitHub skills for a software job.

No knowledge of software development or a coding language is required, however, to be ready for this workshop:

You should leave this workshop with the confidence to work on a similar team with mixed experience levels using a tool that many organizations take for granted.


July 22


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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COhatch Upper Arlington

1733 W Lane Ave

Columbus, OH, US, 43221