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Data Scientist
Data Scientist

I am passionate about integrating my background in human behavior and personality research, statistics, research methods, and data analysis in order to answer process related questions and generate actionable insights. My ultimate goal is to aid companies in cost reduction and process improvement efforts by delivering clearly understood and empirically derived business solutions.

Data Science Skills:

  • Write Code and Structure/Analyze Data in: SAS, R, LISREL, G*power, SPSS
  • Modify and Create SQL queries to combine data resources
  • Proficient in: MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe, and MS office
  • Working Knowledge of exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, t-tests, correlation, logistic regression, linear regression (repeated measures, multivariate), ANOVA, structural equation modeling, mediation and moderation, multi-level modeling (HLM), and effect size estimation
  • Data cleaning, outlier evaluation, imputation of missing data, assessing model fit, and error message resolution
  • Extensive experience with experimental and naturalistic research design in a variety of settings
  • Study design and implementation using Amazon Mechanical Turk and Survey Monkey
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If you are a student what is your major?
Experimental and Quantitative Psychology
If you are student what year are your graduating?
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Ph.D. Candidate, Experimental & Quantitative Psychology @ The Ohio State University
Jun 2014 — Current
Anticipated Graduation December 2016 or May 2017
M.A., Clinical & Quantitative Psychology @ The Ohio State University
Aug 2012 — May 2014
B.S., Psychology @ The Ohio State University
Aug 2008 — May 2012
Graduated Summa cum Laude with Honors Research Distinction


Graduate Research Associate @ Nationwide Insurance
Aug 2015 — Current
Graduate Research Associate at Nationwide's Center for Advanced Customer Insights, a partnership with Nationwide Insurance and Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University

Designed a personality assessment to measure traits that predict overall consumer liability across multiple domains and gamified assessment questions for their use in optimally pricing an innovative product

Implemented research studies using Amazon Mechanical Turk and Survey Monkey in order to test the potential of increasing revenue using novel pricing and risk prediction strategies

Designed and conducted an experiment to identify elements of the customer transfer process affecting retention and channel switching. Communicated findings and related cost-saving process adaptations to associates and directors

Published a white paper to summarize research findings

Consulted with associates in HR and graduate students to refine a survey assessing company culture
Graduate Teaching Associate @ Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University
Aug 2014 — May 2015
Taught psychological research methods and abnormal psychology concepts to 50+ students as primary instructor

Independently developed and refined evaluations assessing students’ mastery of concepts and generated interactive written and verbal assignments to engage students in critical thinking
Graduate Research Associate @ Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University
Aug 2012 — Current
Integrated multiple data sources and employed advanced modeling techniques, in SAS, in order to critically assess predictors of outcome and mechanisms of change in depression treatment

Served as study coordinator for a large scale multi-measure treatment study

Created a brief and ecologically valid thin-slice assessment of clients’ personality traits in order to predict treatment outcomes and interpersonal difficulties from short (< 2 min) video-clips of client-assessor interactions

Independently developed and led a team of 16 undergraduate research assistants through the execution of a study examining the relationship between interpersonal vulnerability and treatment outcomes

Trained graduate and undergraduate students in research methods, statistics, and data management

Published multiple first-author peer-reviewed journal articles and national conference presentations

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